Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 1

Icarus (Feathers, metal binder loop, leaf, foil from cigarette pack, plastic lamination card); Insecticon (Flower, staples, paper, pen, lamination card); Untitled IV (Flowers, lamination card)

Joe Pan
Former Copy Editor, Ad Agency
New York, NY

"I made 250 of these pieces (called Weathers, as a group) over a span of 6 months, using items I found at work or on my way to work. Once I finished a composition within the plastic sleeve, I ran it through a lamination machine, which always changed the work somehow. Within the project, which I consider a single work, I was able to explore a multitude of strategies while borrowing from various aesthetic camps. It really allowed me to test my range and play around with everything from Surrealism to Erasure Poetry, sculpture to collage. It kept me going during the more aggressively boring hours at work."