Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 2

City of Half-Beginnings (paper, crayon)

Lacey Koethe
Former Chimp, Music Industry
New York, NY

"I drew this on the table at lunch while my boss was firing me.  They give you crayons.  I was an intern for three months at a record label--Midtown, days/nights, I worked until 3 in the morning for next to nothing.  I really wanted this job. I gave up weekends, almost lost a boyfriend, spent all my savings renting a 500 square foot apt in Hell's Kitchen thinking things would pan out, which they didn't. Suckville. It wasn't really a firing, they just picked someone else. He was nice about it and left me to finish my drawing.  If you look closely you can see the names of every company I ever worked for and the names of all the dogs I had in my life.  I'm from Ohio and remembering my dogs made me feel better.  Then I drew what I guess now is a emotional rendering of NYC, all the buildings, all the dreams, etc. It was pretty pathetic and I must have looked like a total mess sitting there crying and crayoning. In the end I gave myself an A+ for busting ass though. It's lame I know but it made me feel better :P When I got back to the office I put my drawing on the break room fridge. I took pics for my b-f. I have always liked the koala magnet so when I left later that day for good I kept it. We still have him. His name is Arthur."