Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 3

Pictographs (Post Its, red oil marker, red pen)

Corey Hart
Student/Asst Manager, Game and Comic Book Store
New York, NY

"For my friend's bachelor party we did a six day canoe trip down the Pecos River in Texas. It was 50 miles long and full of canyons. Some of these canyons had hidden 10,000 year old native-american petroglyphs and pictographs. It was seriously amazing work. A lot more abstract than I would have imagined truthfully. There were snakes and shamans and deer-headed gods and even a few UFO looking pieces, but the image that caught me off guard was the one of a human hand, where some guy had put his hand up there on the wall and painted around it. Our hands were the same size! Back at work whenever I could I started drawing on little pads of Post Its. The shapes/images are from things I see everyday, little things here and there. They probably will not last as long but to me they're a way to mark what is happening now, and who knows with the interwebs."